Rural Women Awareness Generation

We Started a Very Special Project Named SRKM RURAL WOMENS AWARNESS GENERATION PROGRAMME Project at Dist. Mandla, Block – Mandla.

There is some important information about the project......

Why we selected Dist mandla ,block mandla 10 village for Project work

1. Because we found that the women’s of village were illiterate.
2. Because the people of that place began to move another place for work.
3. Because village is a very backward area.
4. Because that place village is near of Kanha National Park and we wanted to create the awareness about wild life conservation.
5. Because the Number of National Animal Tiger has been decrease and due to the problem of unemployment villagers began to hunt the tiger and other wild animal.

How we gathered the women for the Project

1. First of all we posted an interested worker of SRKM NGO to serve at the Mocha.
2. Then we arrange a meeting to clear the goal and aim of the project that how can that project will help their future life.
3. After that we collected some information through survey village meeting.
4. Then we select some very interested candidate who wants to learn.
5. We appointed some devoted worker to teach them.
6. Time to time we observe the condition and other helpful points to make the project successfully.

How will the Project help them

1. Women’s can be self-depended by that project
2. They can be improving their personality and source of earning.
3. With help of that project other women’s who want to be self-depend will encourage.
4. With the help of that project they can earn money in their respective place so they wont go other place to seek the job or work.
5. With the help of that project they will become aware about their rights and support the development of village and the resources of income.
At 1st April. 2010 to the project started at village Mocha and other MANDLA, BLOCK –in 10 VILLAGE and other member of village and Gram Panchayat.

Duration of the Project

The duration of the project was from 1st April. 2010 Six months project was successfully run by the SRKM NGO.


Directionally the beneficiaries of the project were 3123 candidates and indirectly 1532 women’s participated in that training programme.

Monitoring and Observation

For the evolution and clear report and observation we select another Civil Society members to run the project fair and square. The members of Madhya Pradesh lok kalyaan santhan visit time to time at Village for Observation and tried to guide us how can improve and run more successfully the project.

The Mission of the Project

Development of the Women’s not only financially but also socially and mentally.

Object of the Camp

The main problems of the Local area where we are going to organize the camp are nutrition, eye infection, stomach related problems, leprosy problem and other heath problem. We also found a very dangerous problem call florosis due to florid mix water villagers are using and they are facing some health problem.
We also want to create the awareness among them about the major heath problem like AIDS and STD (Sexual Transmitted Dieses).
We also want to try to improve the financial development of the backward communities of local area. And try to show the way to increase the mental and social development for younkers.
Education will be the main theme of the camp because the developed society will be get and build by the educated citizen.
The main points and issues, which we will be discussing in the camp, are
1. The position of the women in the society
2. Women’s and Law
3. The role of the women’s in the system of Panchayati Raj
4. General health and Health Science
5. Women’s Technology and environment
6. Economy and women’s
7. State Govt. & women’s
8. Women’s, and children culture and religion
9. Women’s and social work
10. Health and Women’s
11. Small Industries Guidance
12. Career Guidance for Younkers
13. Discuss about income generation
14. Human rights and backward people
15. Hygiene

News & Events

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10 Aug 2013
Latest News & Events of Swami Ram Krishna Paramhansa Maa Sharda Sewa Samiti

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